Automate Mundane Content Marketing Tasks

Proof Reading

No matter who writes or creates the content, it needs to be checked for problems. You can use software like to help. You can also hire experts to watch videos before they’re published, as well as edit written content before it’s published. If this is part of your process and completed automatically within the workflow, it’s going to be that much more effective.

Email Marketing

The truth of the matter is that you aren’t going to be able to conduct any type of content marketing strategy without the right email autoresponder set up. There are many to choose from. Read the fine print to ensure you have the one that does the things that help such as tagging, double opt-in, sending out an autoresponder series and so forth.

List Building

Building your email list can almost be put on autopilot if you use good landing page software. Some email autoresponders have some landing page software included, so check your choice first. You need to build an automatic funnel so that it’s all easy.

Social Media Promotion

Using software like or will help you automate your social media promotions. You can set up your blog to automatically share to your social accounts when a new post is added. Plus, you can even set it up to send an email to your list, directing them to your social media platforms.

Managing Workflow

Setting up a workflow will help tremendously. A good choice is or Depending on the features you need and your budget, these can both help you develop and use a suitable workflow for your projects and team.

Marketing Research

Everyone does research, but it can be boring trying to find just the right things to read and use. You can outsource this by hiring a researcher who can do the work for you. You can also set up a Google Alert to ensure you find any mention of your brand, industry, or product.